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it is as bad as you think

and they are out to get you

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Name:The Territorial Library
Website:Recessional: Non-fictional Thoughts
little black dragon's bookshelf

This journal will contain writing of various kinds, though largely speculative fiction of some sort (space opera, fantasy of all sorts, alternate histories, paracosms, possibly some magical realism - that variety of thing).

Tips, donations, and comment-feedback are all gratefully received by the writer. In addition, some pieces will be available on the basis of sponsorship: if a minimum sponsorship for a piece is met, the story or other piece of writing will be posted. Sponsors and donors will receive the occasional extra piece of writing.

Sponsors and donors will be granted access; other than sponsor/donor specific pieces, nothing in this journal is access-locked, and you are free to follow or unfollow as you please.

This journal may contain heteroerotic, homoerotic, sexually explicit, graphically violent, blasphemous (regardless of religion) or other inappropriate content. It may also contain fluffy bunnies. The writer does not create with any political agenda in mind.

Politeness to other commenters is encouraged and required.

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